Monday, 28 December 2009

Desert Island Crafts – Part 4

These are my small craft essentials,
Anita’s 3D clear gloss finish is brilliant for turning a cut out printed picture into a brilliant embellishment or making text stand out.
I love brown/mushroom/brownish grey fine tipped Marvy Le Plume pens for a subtle effect faux stitching, as well as white and black gel pens for edging and doodling, especially on tops to sweetie bags.
Top Tip – three tiny little dots here and there, next to embellishments or text can draw attention to that area and subtly fill in white space.  I use this trick on all of my cards. (I think I got this tip from Art Attack!)
Sakura glue pens are brilliant for applying very fine detail with micro glitter.  It goes on blue, but dries clear quickly, enabling you to apply glitter very accurately and subtly to the smallest area .
Finally, scissors, these are my two favourite pairs for cutting out very fiddle farty shapes/pictures.  I have a drawer full of scissors of all sizes – however I neglect them something rotten, one of my jobs during the holiday is to clean  all the sticky gunge off them all with nail varnish remover and cottonwool pads.