Friday, 1 June 2012

Mini Jotter Calendar Fridge Magnet

I’m still playing with the magnets sent to me by Jonathan at First4Magnets.
Mini Jotter fridge magnet. calendar
I wanted to try to make a jotter fridge magnet after finding a pack of ten 10cms x 7.5cm  notebooks in  Poundland. All I have done is cover over the front  with some self adhesive blue and green DCWV papers to make the front a little more substantial  adding a little decorative border to brighten it up. Then I thought why not add a calendar tab as well, never a bad thing to have on the fridge and low and behold it fit perfectly across the front.
Fridge magnet Mini jotter first4magnets
I’ve added a neodymium magnet to the back, and boy does it have some pull, this is one fridge magnet that won’t get knocked off!
Fridge Magnet Calendar Notebook
This is an idea I want to develop further,  later on in the year when I will be looking for ideas for calendars to give as small “fairing” Christmas presents, especially as I think I may have done my coaster/beer mat calendars to death!