Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How Happy Does Maisie Look?

Marc sent Maisie, my guest crafter of a few days ago a mahoooosive collection of flat back gems ……. 100’s and 1,000’s of them!!
Picture1Just look at her little face!
And then bless her, she sorted them all out into colour and sizes, a job that would have sent me absolutely bonkers!!
Picture2I am a great believer of giving children things to create and make things with ….. not just great piles of computer games and dvds and toys that need batteries, they don’t have to be anything expensive …. just a few pens, paper or card, glue, scissors, old magazines and material and interesting bits and pieces.  When my kids were small … when the weather was warm I used to unravel a roll of wallpaper in the garden and give them pots of paints,  not caring less if they covered themselves as well as the paper ….. they were absorbed for hours and hours!
They always had a dressing up box too, but not filled with ready made character outfits, I used to give them a bag of pennies and we would go to the Thursday night jumble sales across the road at the church hall where they would buy the clothes and anything else that caught their imagination ….. Happy days!!!