Tuesday, 4 December 2012

National VELCRO® Month - Top Fiddle Fart Ideas Nos.27, 28 & 29

High Heel Rose: VELCRO® ...... Who Could Live Without It!I I use it to hang black netting from my bird cage (I have kitty) and Parrot, and his nite nite curtains are also VELCRO®'d from top play area down/easy to get off to clean
High Heel Rose: Another fab use for VELCRO® after Xmas is to put it on backs of toppers. I use foam board to mount material and bobbles on hot glue and then VELCRO® to my shades and wooden blind tops easy to swap around.
High Heel Rose’s blog is:  http://www.denimxdiamonds.blogspot.co.uk/
Fiona's Top Tip: I worked in a nursery where they put blinds on high windows with a long cord and a heavy weight dangling down, I used the s/a VELCRO® to stick the weight and cord high out of little peoples reach