Monday, 5 April 2010

Desert Island Crafts – Part 4

Sewing machines …………… I don’t sew …….. but I have three!
Mini Stitch
This was a bargain buy from a carboot sale – unused and still sealed in its plastic bags - £2, bargain! I have threaded it – but usually use it empty to put perforated lines on cards to make faux stitched borders, edges etc., all you have to do is join up the holes with a very thin liner pen and it looks like real stitching!
sewing machine
The original of this sewing machine came from e-bay and cost me £7 – but I swopped it for an almost identical one with my friend Lisa because it was everso slightly better. I use it when I want to put real sewing on my cards, it may be cumbersome but with the handle I can sew at my own pace and feel more in control.
large sewing machine
This sewing machine was a Christmas present, as yet unused, but when I have the time, probably in the summer, I will put my mind to mastering it.  I love the fact that amongst other stitches it does zig zag – which I very much want to use on my Christmas designs ……. aghhhh, did I mention Christmas ….. already????
  Picture 037
My treasure is a glass bubble that hangs in my craftroom window, it’s so beautiful – I got it from the fairy shop in  Camden Market about four years ago.