Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Royal Wedding Card Challenge.

I've never done a challenges and only enter competitions on the rare occasion, but this docrafts challenge tickled my fancy!
I’m not going to post the card I’ve made until the big day,  but if you’d like a sneaky peak .............. but be warned, it's very silly!

Home Sweet Home Card

This card measures s12.5cm x 12.5cm and is made using linen effect card.
Picture 733
I went a bit mad with the doodling on this card!  I wanted a homely patchwork feel, but I am not too sure about the choice of colours, the Stampin’ Up pens I used were a bit darker than I first thought they were when I started colouring.  You’ll also notice that the colouring is not of Promarker standard, but perhaps it adds to the not too perfect rustic/shabby charm.

Object Humungous of Desire ……

I was on the Island of Capri this time last week!!!!!!! ….. It was truly stunning …..  and while I was waiting for a mini bus to take us round the island I saw this poster and just had to take a picture of it.
Picture 268
Have you ever seen such a BEAUTIFUL watch? Oh my life, desire isn’t a strong enough word, this is sheer unbridled LUST of a material type nature! …….. I have since done a little research  ….
It’s called the Capri Mulitijoy Watch and cost 190 euros,  about £166.72 ….. now how many cards would I have to make and sell to have this on my pudgy little wrist and can anyone translate the Italian website for me when I have saved enough?
I was in Capri on a school trip studying Classical Civilisations, so it was all work and no play …..