Friday, 9 August 2019

Flea Fair - Three Counties Showground, Malvern.

Lu I went to the Flea Fair at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern last week as a birthday treat for Lu, it was totally brilliant!
It was like a thousand charity shop bric brac shelf hits in one go but minus an awful lot of other tut and at £5 per head admission it was so well worth it we decided that, for us, a car boot would probably now be pretty much a thing of the past. The gates opened at 7.30am and closed at 3.30pm, the car parking was well ordered and easy to get out of. 
Object of Desire No. 1 ....... just loved these pair of  Art Nouveau (?) style cupboard/shelves. 
I have to admit I am really disappointed by my lack of pictures and to be honest we didn't spend a great deal, it was the mooching that we got the greatest pleasure from.
Object of Desire No. 2 - I would love a dolls house, but it has to be small, sadly this metal one was just a little too big. 
I did however manage to find two retro, fish eye mirrors that were on my list,  I want/need three to go in my revamped bedroom ...... when I can pin my painter down to a date.
I spotted the ivy leaf one first for £5 and the flowery one shortly after for just £4.  The flowery one was disgustingly filthy and had previously been badly sprayed gold ........
........ but hopefully, when cleaned thouroughly and then spray painted white they will enjoy a whole new lease of life.  I am planning on putting two flowered mirrors  (I already had an identical flowered one found in a Rhyl charity shop recently) either side of the ivy one above my bed.  However, Marc says he has yet another one for me, so there may still be a change in order, but which ever one is left over will go in my hall.
I found the smaller of these two hand vases in a box of bits for just £1 plus a little cut glass bottle for 50p both to go on my shower room shelves, which are filling up nicely.

Lu was looking for "select" items to go on a cocktail themed shelf when her new kitchen is finally done later in the year.  Originally priced at £18, we managed to secure this rainbow of shot glasses for £15.  Lu was a very happy bunny indeed.
She also found a small "vintage" Snoopy mirror, for £1, something she has been looking for for ages as this type of mirror reminded her of her childhood bedroom, which had a mirror, I believe, bought by me well over forty five years ago when I was a teenager. 
The original frame was a little dire, so I found a deep frame, from my stash, that I got from Primark (£2.00) which helped bring Snoopy more up to date.
We both fell in love with the retro coffee set (above), it was only £7, however although it was complete and it had no chips etc. it wasn't the most brilliant of quality, it would only have ever been a decorative piece, but Lu decided it was too early to start getting the fiddle farty bits for her kitchen when it was still a couple of months away.
Now know I LOVE a bit of kitsch, and I don't think you can get more kitsch than this piece, originally a lamp, it was just too brilliant for words, so taken aback was I that I even forgot to ask the price ....... it could so easily have been mine, but alas, I just don't have anywhere "safe" to put it.
I am not sure what one of these (above) is called, but I always oooooo and ahhhhh whenever I see one.  I think it's a sort of table centrepiece you put flowers in, but again, alas, I have nowhere in The Towers to put one.  I really do need to move!!!
 And finally, one for Marc, again I never asked the price, but I know Marc would have loved this vintage charity collection box.  I have many memories of putting my pennies in similar boxes when I was a child, a little boy in red seems to spring to mind.  I am not sure that such things are PC these days, but were very common when I was a girl.  I think there were also ones for the RSPCA of dogs and cats, in fact I am pretty sure I saw one about a year ago in a cafe in Exmouth, when I remarked how much Marc would love it.