Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Apprentice 2012

He’s back ….. and my obsession with Lord Alan (although he will always be Sir Alan to me) continues …….

I cannot tell you how much I ADORE this man and the programme!  For the next thirteen weeks I shall be mostly using my two Apprentice mugs (Helen Geddes you are fired/hired depending on my mood) and NO crafting will be done on Wednesdays for a while.  I will be in my pj’s, with a coffee (in one of the aforementioned mugs), a family bag of Maltesers and wooooo betide anyone who disturbs me!  And if Lord Alan just happens to see this post ……. PLEASE can I come and work for you …… I could be your Frances when Frances has a day off ….. I have been told that I “do” have a very professional telephone manner!!


I can hear Lord Alan saying now “Helen, can you send them in now” …… it sends shivers down my spine!!

Days of the Week Peg Fridge Magnets

Days of the Week Peg Fridge Magnets
I saw a very similar idea to this when Googling and just had to have a go for myself, especially as its been ages since I have made any peg fridge magnets.
Dymo jet
Nothing fancy …. I just used my 100 year old Dymo label maker to print the days of the week because I love the retro effect of the lettering and that’s really it! I do have tapes in lots of other colours, but I was being lazy, and didn’t relish the thought of doing all the feeding through for a one off idea …. but the pegs would look good in green, yellow, red, blue etc. And to make things even simpler the tape is exactly the same width as the peg … so no fiddly trimming.
Peg fridge magnets
On the reverse of the peg I have stuck a strip on adhesive magnet tape. Done and dusted!

Charity Shop Finds …..

Our village is planning on having a Queens Diamond Jubilee event on the grounds of the village hall later on in the year and I am ‘thinking’ about having a stall, it just depends on how much they are charging.  But I thought that if I did, I would concentrate on selling my wooden gift tags and perhaps some Jubilee sweetie bags.
Charity Shop find
So when I saw these extra large wooden dominoes at only £1.99 for a bag of 25 I snapped them up. They measure 12cm x 6cm x 1cm and are excellent quality.  I don’t have any concrete ideas for them yet, but obviously there will be a few giant sized tags  ….. they were just too good to pass up.
Charity Shop find.
I also found a large bag of these Jenga bricks in another shop for £1.50. They measure 6cm x 2cm x 1cm and will be perfect for small tags  with the printed side covered with various papers and embellished with phrases like Happy Birthday etc.  made using my old fashioned Dymo label maker.