Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tesco Christmas Advent House

I know it’s very, very early, but as the weather was so lovely at the weekend, I decided to make a start on one of my Tesco Advent Houses, as I am sure I am about to embark on a labour of love, that will take a long time to complete ……..
Tesco Advent House
My lovely sister made it her mission to find me several houses in the run up to Christmas last year, even imploring young male assistants to have a look in the back of the storeroom “just in case” – well the girl done good, but I didn’t have time to do anything with them until now ……
 Picture 001Picture 002
The warm weather gave me the incentive to get started, I chose to spray the body of the house with a white enamel effect paint – and the garden was the ideal place to do it as the process was very fumeified.
Picture 005
…… And while I took advantage of the warm weather, I hand painted the outsides and tops of drawers, twice, sitting at the garden table. I left the fronts unpainted, as I plan to cover them with assorted Christmas papers.
However, after all this painting I found that the drawers aren’t sliding out as easily as they did…… so I now need to sand all the drawers down a little in the hope that it rectifies the problem – roll on the next sunny day……
Picture 012
But, if that doesn’t work and because my fingers are a bit podgy to put in the spaces at the top of the drawers I have made some little knobs (I looked at using dolls house door knobs but they were a bit expensive)…… I may not use them, but I have them as an option.  I used some of the square wooden necklace beads I got from Poundland (see yesterdays post) and have sprayed them with several coats of paint. I intend to stick on a pale blue flat backed gem over one hole and glue the opposite side onto the drawer.  But that is a little while off ….. my next task is the sanding …….