Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Decopatch Evening Bag

Decopatch evening bag
I blogged this bag ages ago, it cost me 20p at a local car boot/market. 
Picture 282
I have seen quite a few others the same since and it seems it was a free gift from Boots with some beauty products. It has languished in my cupboard until last Sunday after a visit to see my son who lives in Witney, where there is a rather lovely shop, The Pottery Place, that sells Decopatch stuff and it would have been rude not to go in and purchase a few choice items!
As soon as I saw this paper - Peacock Feathers Print (538), cost £1, I knew it would be perfect for the bag.
Picture 286
All I did was cut the paper into small stamp sized pieces, add a layer of decopatch glue to the surface of the bag and stick the paper down bit by bit.  When the bag was covered I applied another coat of Decopatch glue and left it to dry.   Once the glue had dried I applied several coats of clear varnish.
Picture 287
The bag strap was gold, however the paper had silver elements, so  I decided to go over it with several times with a black permanent marker.  I love it, it looks so classy now, I just need to go somewhere posh to use it!
Decopatch Evening Bag 1