Sunday, 31 January 2010

Three Little Birds

How cute are these birds?
Picture 139

….. And guess where these stickers came from? Assessorize!  They are new stock and  I nearly missed them, as they were tucked up behind some other bits and pieces.  They cost £1.75 and hopefully I will get at least 6 cards from one packet.
Picture 140

I have made the branch using three punchies made with the punch below , bought at The Hobbycrafts Show  in November.

Picture 146 Picture 134

The card took just a few minutes to make.

Picture 135

Thank you all again for your lovely comments - I was having a little chuckle to myself and thought I could offer a shopping trip with me as blog candy!

Believe it or not I don't shop a lot!  I just shop fast and furious and can scan shelves for crafty stuff in seconds!  My favourite place for shopping has got to be Manchester Paperchase - last time I went, I was in there for almost 2 hours and  still went back again after I had been round the other shops!  Manchester is my once a year October treat with my sister, I just love it.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gingham Squares with Hearts

 Boy Girl Hearts
I use this 9 square pattern a lot on my cards as it is especiallly good when using small stickers and punches.
Close Up Boy Girl
I don’t think I need tell you how I have made them as the pictures tell the story.
The centre square is set on foam pads for extra dimension.
Close Up hearts
The puffy stickers are from Accessorize. I have had the small scalloped square punch for years, I think Paperchase sell a lever punch that is almost the same. Dovecraft make boy and girl punches very similar to, if not the same as mine.
Boy Girl Punches
To answer Chris G's question in comments - all my dotted lines/faux stitching are done free hand.  I like to use the thinnest fine liner pen I can find (005) and just go for it, if it does go a bit wibbly wobbly it just adds to the charm.

Keep going on this post as I have added another one below ......

What’s In The Shops Saturday!

I can’t promise that this is a post I will do every week but everyone seemed to love my shopping goodies the other week, so I hope to add an extra post on the days when I spot  something of a crafty nature when I am out  and about.
Yesterday my friend and I popped to Sainsbury’s and I found these sticker packs on the girls jewellery stand.
Picture 084
They cost £1.50 a packet, and I reckon I can get least 4 cards from each pack if I use my 9 square design.  I wish there were a few more of the cake with the candle on as that would make a brilliant centre piece to each card.
Picture 089
I am off to Penkridge Market in a little while, I wonder what I will find there …….
Picture 023
When I made these heart things the other night I was so excited, but then thought, what the hell can I do with them! Then it came to me, fridge magnets! 

Friday, 29 January 2010

Winnie The Pooh Card

I love the punch I have used for this card.

 pooh card 2

I have only ever seen this punch once and I bought it! This is going back about 15 years ago at an Education Show at the NEC.  I don’t know the maker, but it says Disney on the bottom.

winnie the pooh punchie Winnie the Pooh Punch

I can’t say it is the easiest punch to use, as the detail is very fine and paper gets very easily tangled up in it when punching.

Picture 033

I have punched out the design in metallic gold paper and trimmed the edges to get an even square, then backed it on to a very subtle metallic effect card in a rich red colour.  The centre square is mounted on  foam pads for extra dimension.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Just Fiddling

Yesterday I had a few things on my desk for “WOMDW”, and last night as there was nothing on the tele, (I ALWAYS forget there is no Coronation Street on a Wednesday now!) I had a play………
Picture 020
I thought I would try covering one of the wooden heart embellishment badges I had made  ….. I used a scrap of paper from my K & Co Christmas Cheer Mat Pad, sticking  and varnishing it with Modge Podge for outdoors. I am dead chuffed with this first attempt – it’s sort of rustic. I plan to make some more at the weekend, taking a bit more time and care with the finish (as this was an  experiment I rushed it a bit).
Picture 023 
The heart pebbles are another experiment I tried after seeing the technique used somewhere a little while ago.
Picture 024 Picture 026
I covered the back of the pebble with Anita’s 3D Clear Gloss Finish, stuck on a heart shape to match, cut from the Christmas Cheer Pad, and then covered with another layer of the Anita’s – and that’s it!
Picture 025 Picture 030
With the red pebble I did exactly the same thing but just used a small silver foil punched heart on the back.
I am not sure what I am going to do with the pebble yet, …… I am thinking perhaps I could add a looped thread when I lay the paper down so that it is secured within the Anita’s and then it could be hung as a decoration??????
dscf4090 main_10117

Bee Mine


These bees are made from round humbugs/mints


I have used punched hearts for the wings with a touch of Hero Arts micro glitter and two googley eyes.

Bee Mine

Then put three in a sweetie bag


Tools used: Stampin Up scallop circle and circle punch, Nestabilities label die and heart punch.

Bee on a box

A lone bee on a box that could be filled with a couple more mints or foil wrapped heart shaped chocolates.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Playing Card Valentines

This is an idea I have adapted from a Martha Stewart Valentine project.


I have covered the back of a “hearts” playing card with a textured paper and then added a Valentine word on the back, but you could also put:- I’m Betting You’ll Be My Valentine,  We’re Two of a Kind, You Suit Me, You are Ace, King of My Heart,  Queen of My Heart etc.


I have then placed the card in a 63 x 93mm glassine envelope (available from E-bay)

Picture 108

And sealed it down with a glittery self adhesive heart.

Picture 107


What’s On My Desk Wednesday

I try to tidy my desk each evening after I have finished fiddling, because time is short and I don’t want have to tidy up before I can get cracking  again when I get home from work the following day (if that makes sense).

So I tend to leave a few things out that I can think about during the day and then tackle when I get home.

Picture 001

Packs of 4 sweetie jars are now in Poundworld in Wolverhampton – that’s 25p each – brilliant.  I am thinking of making a few “Birthday Bean” jars.

Picture 005

You will see that the white mug is still on my desk from the other week, still waiting to be painted and it has now been joined by a bean tin that I am hoping to turn into a new pen holder with the aid of my crop-o-dile.

Picture 007

I have put very small brooch fasteners on these wooden heart and star embellishments.  Its very tempting to stick something else on them but I am going to leave them plain and see how they go.

Picture 010

These glass hearts were a bit of an indulgence at £2.50, but I have some tiny weeny organza bags that I can just fit one in with a little handwritten note for friends on Valentines Day …… watch this space …….

Shopping …… I have an hour for lunch, in that time I can just get in and out of  Wolverhampton on the 501 bus, and then blitz Poundland and Poundworld once a week.  On a Friday I finish at 4.30  so I get a bit longer after work!  Just call me “flash” !!!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Butterfly Cards

I was in Primark yesterday lunchtime and saw this necklace.
The cogs started whirling …….. those butterflies would look cracking on a card I thought …….
Butterfly cards
And this is the result …….
Picture 025 Picture 044
The necklace cost £2.50 and had 8 butterflies on –  a bargain, when you think what the equivalent in a craft shop would be!
Picture 043
The card blank is made using  an ivory linen card (from The Papermill Shop). The background paper is from the Passport range from Making Memories and the scalloped square is made using a Nestabilities die.
Picture 048
I prefer the card with the plain centre square, but am dead chuffed with the both results.
Picture 042

Poundland Alert

Picture 050
I got this yesterday. It’s made of metal, is glittery and is very pink – I ummed and ahhed about buying it …… I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet ….. but covering it buttons is an option I am considering.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Heart of Pearls.

I love pearls.  They are so clean, subtle and understated.
heart of pearls

I have used an ivory linen card with gold matting for this card to match the colour of the flat back pearls.

heart of perals 2

I drew a faint heart outline as a guide and stuck the pearls down with a pva glue which dries clear.  I left a small gap between the pearls for the line to show through.

If I make this card again, I would draw the heart with a beige/mushroom coloured  fine Marvy le Plume  pen and perhaps make the heart a tadge narrower.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Key To My Heart

I said a while ago that I find stamping difficult, but would give it a go at least once a month …. well the time has come …..
The idea for this card came to me as I was making something else ……. I am terrible for getting side tracked!
The stamp I used  was part of a free gift from a craft magazine last year that I hadn’t  never even opened until today.
I stamped onto red card with black StazOn ink, which dries really quickly.
I cut out the heart and wrapped thin fuse wire round the top  corner. I then took the wire down the back of the heart and fastened a key charm (from a charm bracelet) onto it.
I then stuck it straight onto the card, no mat and layering – I must be sickening for something!
Some magazine free gifts are brilliant – some are a bit pants!
Picture 109
After I finished the card I tried stamping with the StazOn onto mirror card – well impressed – I see another card in the making.