Friday, 14 September 2012

Jessica’s Sweet Shop …. With Halloween In Mind

Jessica's Sweet Shop WolverhamptonThere’s a new sweet shop just opened in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton and it would have be considered most rude of me not to sample some a few a whole pile of it’s delights …. purely as a fact finding crafty mission for Halloween you understand!
Jessica's Sweet Shop WolverhamptonThese are a few of the many sweets that inspired me …. the jelly filled skulls are an obvious choice … but I was thinking that the red candy cuttings could make passable cut veins …. the liquorice and fondant stripes:- teeth or spines, the green marshmallows:- snot balls, witches warts or some sort of larva and the blue spotty jelly:- poison balls???
The sweets cost 99p for a 100g, not perhaps that economical for bulk Halloween crafting, but for little one offs or fairing gifts, when you only need a few, they are perfect. I must look very suspicious when I go in as I move slowly past all the displays, because in my head I am working out what sweet could be used for what project and for what season …. I would take in a notebook but that would make me look even more shady!  Anyway I have got the sweets now I need to make something with them …. watch this space.