Friday, 2 March 2012

Tiny Weenie Shelves of Curiosity

I’ve made another little set of shelves full of tiny bits and pieces.
compendium of curiosities
It’s a packing box for some crafty embellishments long since used up and  measures 7ins x 3ins, with each compartment measuring 1.5ins x 1in which I have lined with assorted scraps from my Papermania Portobello Road paper pad.
Little knick nak shelves
Filling each section was just heaven to do, going through all my boxes looking for lost treasures, to finally bring them to life.
Little shelves of curiosities
I can remember where each tiny piece came from and/or who gave me them, so everything is special.
Tiny weenie shelves of things
I think my favourite section is the one with the baking tray.
Tiny shelves of curiousity
Closely followed by the fish bowl and tiny spider.
Tiny weeny things
I found the more I got absorbed in the project, the more detail I wanted to put in, but too much and the whole effect would be spoiled. I now feel like the Duchess of Tiny Weenie Things!