Monday, 19 February 2018

Heads Up To Lidl For Wooden Easter Craft Embellishments & Lily Bobtail’s Pocket

I have been really restrained so far this year in not buying any new craft bits and pieces, but after almost two months my resolve was temporarily tested due to the arrival of Lidl’s Easter bits and pieces.
It was the wooden rabbits that first caught my eye (12 per packet, one size) and then the birds (18 per packet, two sizes) costing 99p per pack or 2 for £1.50, well I went with the offer naturally and spent a grand total of £6!
I instantly thought that the rabbits would be perfect to make Easter pin brooches for Iris’s nursery staff, and I am sure ideas will follow for the birds and ladybirds as they are so versatile for year round projects as well as Easter, but for tomorrow at least I will show you what I did with the rabbits.
This week I also finally put the pocket on Iris’s Lily Bobtail dress ………. aghhhhh …….  which only went to confirm just how much I hate sewing. I cut out a square in pink fabric, carefully tacked round it and then moved onto my little sewing machine to finish off the edges neatly, agggghhhh, what should have taken me no more than 2 to 3 minutes must have taken me the best part of an hour, I really don’t want to talk about it ……….
…….. except that the said sewing machine shall from henceforth only be used for the decorative edging of cards etc. and definitely without thread of any kind!
After a couple of days I was recovered enough to then hand sew the pocket to the dress, no close ups here …… for my sake, please just imagine delicate little stitches, as if done by a fairy seamstress and that’ll be about right, not!!!!
But in the end all my angst doesn’t really matter, all Iris wanted was a “just in case pocket” that could the stand the strain of having a notebook, pen, string, and a magnifying glass shoved in and out of it ………. so Nanny’s dun gud!!!!!!!