Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Conundrum!

Yesterday .... I received a "real" Wonka Bar in the post ..... I was sooooo thrilled! It was so carefully wrapped so it wouldn't break in the post but there was nothing in/on it to say who it was from, not even a postmark ...... I have a feeling it was from someone here ..... so can I say a mahoooosive THANK YOU and if you would like to make your self known ........ I can thank you properly xxxxx

Tim Holtz Inspired Pendant

My Tim Holtz/microscope slide quest continues!  But it’s easy to see that it’s the key that’s all wrong in this pendant. I should have used a metal key  instead of a domed sticker, agggghh, but having said that, it does look much better in real life and I will definitely wear it, in fact it’s on a chain ready to do just that.
Tim Holtz inspired pendant
I took my inspiration from a picture on page 74 of Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities.  It was this book that  started my friendship with Marc, after he left a comment in the chat box asking if he could send me a copy … the rest is history! Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities
I loved the idea …. but though I had most of the basic materials, they are a bit of a  jumble of materials in gold, brass and silver  so I struggled to get everything to match in silver.  I also have a few Tim Holtz embellishments, but again, not quite what I wanted for this project and as a result it was all a bit of a compromise !!! But now I look more closely at the picture in Tim’s book I can see that he has used a memory capsule to accommodate the depth of the key …. while I struggled with two microscope slides (as I utter another agghhhhh!). So watch this space as I go back up to my craft room and my drawing board  and have another go!  I will not be beaten!