Sunday, 23 July 2017

Christmas Houses Craft Stick Tree Decoration.

Another craft stick Christmas tree decoration today, as I am on a bit of a roll with them.
craft stick popsicle stick christmas tree decorationThe frame is made from two standard craft sticks and two mini ones, glued together and edged with faux stitching using a black fine liner pen.
IMG_2634I made the background using a scrap of glittery starry sky design paper and a scrap of white glitter paper.
The laser cut wooden houses came from an assorted boxed set that I think I got from e-bay.  I stuck tiny scraps of yellow and red paper on the back of them, so that the windows and doors showed up as yellow and the hearts and flourishes red, a bit of a fiddle fart but I think worth it.
IMG_3560 I then stuck the houses into the frame, the three fit perfectly.
craft stick popsicle stick christmas tree decoration. Christmas houses decorationOn the back I used red cotton thread to hang the frame from, covering the ends by sticking another scrap of card over it, which I then edged again with my ever faithful fine liner pen.
I have to be honest, I am not 100% about the holly, it goes, I know, but isn’t quite to my taste, so I have ordered some 6mm red buttons for the corners (and other projects) to see if they give the more homely, county-fied look I am after.