Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cath Kidston Inspired Swap.

Cath Kidston Fabric Brooch
The other day I mentioned Carole and her beautiful brooches made using Cath Kidston fabrics, and how we had brokered a brilliant deal,  well, our swop is now complete, (as you can see here on Carole’s  blog and here on my blog today) and I am now the proud owner of this exquisite “bauble”. 
 Cath Kidston fabric Brooch 1 back of Cath Kidston Fabric Brooch
The pictures just don’t do it justice. Until it arrived I didn’t realise the detail and work involved  from Carole’s pictures, but in real life it’s gorgeous and  I am thrilled. I know I should wear it …. but I would be frightened of losing it …. so I’ve got a small easel and made an background ……
Cath Kidston Fabric Brooch on stand
And it’s now sitting on my craft room shelf to give me inspiration …..
Cath Kidston
Carole also sent me a piece of a small gingham print fabric to experiment covering badges with.
gingham and daisy badge 
This isn’t really the effect I was going for, I wanted to put some very small felt flowers on in jewel colours, but,  believe it or not, I hadn’t got any small enough, felt won’t go through my punches and I only have big flower dies for my BigShot, so I’ve used a button for my first attempt, but next time I go shopping …. I know what I’ll be looking for.  Thank you Carole for so much inspiration.