Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Framed Word Art

I love some of the “Word Art” that is around at the moment, but it’s a bit pricey ….. and with most things that I see, that I like,  a little voice in my head says …. “I could do that” …………
Framed word art Fiddle fart
So in this case I did!!!  I already have piles of old sheet music rescued from a skip so all I had to do was trim some everso slightly to A4 size.
Then using Publisher I set out the words …. nothing fancy …. using Ariel Black in font size 110 …. and printed it onto the sheet music, then all that was left to do was pop it straight into an A4 certificate frame from Poundworld …… and Bob was my Aunt Fanny …. simples!!!
Picture20From what I have seen, I think that song lyrics are usually printed on music sheets, while other quotes/sayings are printed on pages from old books ..... I am now thinking that pages from old altlas could look good too .....  so I may be found hunting round in some more skips this space!

Like most ideas …. one thing tends to lead to another …. and I wondering  if I could make a set of  notelets along a similar vein ……