Monday, 12 March 2018

…….. Back From The Big Apple!

Oh my life, my feet took a real pounding, never have two feet throbbed quite so much!  I am not going to bore you with loads of photographs of my week, but for someone who doesn’t do heights (well, more like edges) I think this girl done good, going to the very top of Top of The Rock, which was also probably one of the highlights of our trip.
We did everything we planned, plus a bit more, but, not surprisingly, failed to find a Dollar Store/Dollar Tree!!!  Our hotel was five minutes walk from Times Square and right in the middle of all the theatres, but, if ever we were to do it all again, I think both Lu and I agreed we would stay on the edge of Brooklyn, which we LOVED, and use the subway to get into Manhattan and beyond.
We reserved the Wednesday for a little retail, I wanted to “do” Michaels and Lu wanted to do a few home shops like Bed Bath and Beyond.
I have to admit to being very, very reserved in Michaels,  as I don’t craft half as much as I used/ would like to now, I really didn’t want to add to the stuff I already have, that just doesn’t get used, but just looking, and ooooooing and ahhhhing was a wonderful experience in itself. I just hope it’s not too disappointing for you ………
I couldn’t resist these little 3D snowmen stickers, they all had such lovely faces, not a paint smudge to be seen ……..
I thought these penguins would also be versatile, but where once I would have bought a dozen of packets, one was enough …….
……. with these Day of the Dead stickers a present for Marc.
The range of Disney buttons was disappointing, the main thing I was looking for, I only bought a few packs, and it was back to e-bay once I got home.
And that’s about it, save for a few Easter treat bags …… I told you I had been reserved! My favourite purchase was this balsa house at just £7.50  English money. It’s going to be my next project when I have finished Iris and Bertie’s Disney Countdown Drawers, with a definite Christmas theme.   The store was huge, but I had to be sensible and despite my frugality it soon tallied up, however the lovely girl on the counter used as many vouchers as she could, saving me $20!
We found Blick Art Materials by accident, however, once again, I was very careful and only bought this pack of Easter erasers ………. with a project in mind.
It has to be said that New York is very expensive, with a 9% tax added to all purchases. If we had wanted to shop, properly, then we really needed to head to New Jersey, but time was of the essence.
But we did find a Jacks, where the American confectionary, to take back home as presents, was considerably cheaper than anywhere else we could find.
……. but it was all about the mooching, which we really enjoyed, it was also a break from all those tall buildings, bus and boat tours and all the tourist attractions. 
…….. A tiny bit more tomorrow featuring a few objects of desire.