Sunday, 23 December 2012

Jewelled Mirror No. 2…. But Shhhhh…… It’s A Christmas Present!

Jewelled Mirror recycled upcycled jewellery
I use E6000 glue on all my mirrors.

As soon as she saw it “The Lovely Laura” wanted a jewelled mirror just like the one I made for my boudoir ….. and it was most fortunate that I had acquired this old mirror measuring approximately 40cm x 40cm from a local charity shop for £3.99 …… the frame was originally dark green, but I sprayed it gold before the gluing fest commenced!
Jewelled MirrorUnfortunately, the mirror was not as cheap to make as my first one, because the original had used up most of my old jewellery ……..
jewelled mirror.….. so I am afraid that to get it done in time for Christmas I spent a fair few pounds in Primark on pieces of jewellery that I could disassemble!!
Upcycled Jewellery Mirror…. but I did have quite a few acrylic flowers, pearls and other gems to fill in the gaps.  Not a cheap present by any means …. but something very unique and special present for Laura.  However,  I have enough bits to start (but probably not finish, another mirror) and I will no doubt now be found prowling the aisles of Primark in the sales ready to snaffle up any reduced items that can be used to finish off the project.