Thursday, 10 November 2011

Silicone Gingerbread Man Mould

I’ve had tons of requests to know where the delectable Marc got my gingerbread man mould (£2.99)  from so I’ve asked him for the link …… it’s a long one ….
I’ve just treated myself to this button mould ….. so I can make real chocolate buttons!!!!!!   £2.99
But I really wish I hadn’t looked because there is too much to be tempted by ….!

Sarah Jayne from the above company has also sent me these two links : &

Elizabeth Mint Shaw Mints Revisited

Hope you don’t mind another post from Christmas past, but I still get questions about them from MSE and newbies here.
Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps Christmas EditionIt wasn’t my idea, I originally saw them at a Stampin’ Up demonstration at the NEC and just though what a brilliant idea and have been making them every Christmas since.
Copy of Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps Christmas Elizabeth Mint Shaw Mints
The punches I use are from Stampin’ Up (the plain one measures 1 3/8ins), however there are a lot of other nesting punches out there, including these (below), but I can’t advise you on which ones you need as I haven’t got any actual experience of them.
Hobbycraft Santa Stickers
This year I’ve used these flat stickers (Hobbycraft 99p) I’d have preferred something with a bit more definition but  so far I haven’t found any “new” puffy, 3D stickers … but I am still looking.
Elizabeth Mint Crisps  I make a front and a back ….
Christmas Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps 2
…. and sometimes I use a little bit of sellotape on the foil  to stop it ripping, if I make a mistake an have to  reposition the mint etc. I use double sided tape to stick everything together.  Then I pop four mints in alternating colours in a pretzel bag and tie with a ribbon.
The pretzel bags measure 2ins x 9ins and I always get them from this e-bay seller.