Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Lily Rabbit Dressing Up Outfit

Iris, bless her, is very taken with being Lily Bobtail from The Adventures Of Peter Rabbit and I’d promised to find her a dressing up outfit for her box ……… even though finding a plain red dress was harder than I had first anticipated ………Picture1
….. however, with thanks to the Salvation Army shop in Evesham I have managed to make a certain little madam very happy for just £3.98
Let’s just say, it’s been washed almost every night so that it can be worn the next day ever since she’s had it.
I replaced all but the top button on the cardigan with large, purple flower ones from The Works, they are too big to fasten but “Lily” doesn’t really fasten her buttons.
I now need to get a scrap of pink material to make Lily's “just in case pocket”, when I can prise the outfit off Madam for long enough and add this huge flower button (£1) to it, it’s a  bit different from what I can gather is an appliqued motif on the original, but Iris will still be so chuffed.  I also plan to attempt to put a pink edge along the bottom of the dress with some bias deep binding, (??????)  any advice?  Sewing really isn’t my thing, it makes my teeth itch, but for Iris I am willing to brave a few uncharted crafty territories