Saturday, 9 April 2011

Not A Face For The Tele Just Yet!


I had a very exciting e-mail in the week from the Associate Producer of a new TV programme on C4 called Superscrimpers: Waste Not Want Not, it seemed they had found my blog and thought I might be able to contribute something!

The series is about trying to teach the general public how to be less wasteful and save their money, however after a couple of phone calls and e-mails I really don’t think I am what they were looking for.  Though I use a lot of car boot and  Poundshop “finds”  etc. for a lot of my projects, they were looking for someone who could unravel their husbands old jumper and knit toys for their children with the wool ….. which isn’t really me!  But I was dead chuffed to be asked and it’s thrilling to know that my blog has been “spotted by the TV people …..  however, I think this may be as far as it goes ….. but you never know! 

Jar Project

I love, love, love this idea ………. you’ve just got to have a look …. Kirsty the artist has inspired me soooooo much I am buzzing …. I have a little idea in my head for Christmas ….. but before I do anything with it, it’s only right that I ask Kirsty’s permission. 

HobbyCraft Easter Card Kit

I don’t usually buy card kits, but this was in Hobbycraft in December priced at £3.99 with enough bits to make at least twelve cards.  At the time I liked the embellishments and thought that as I don’t really make a lot of Easter cards, combined with the few Easter bits I already have, it was quite an economical buy.
Hobbycraft Easter Card Kit
This is my first effort, to be honest it’s pretty pants, rank amateur!!!!
Easter card
Me, bunnies, chicks and eggs just don’t gel ….  and spring colours don’t do anything for me either, funny isn’t it?  Every year I really, really try but not matter how hard, I just can’t get inspired and ideas don’t come easily to me, but at least I can say I tried........