Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Christmas Shelves

Christmas is the perfect time to be OTT and the motto “Less is More” can just pale into insignificance, especially now I’ve “done” my Christmas shelves!!!
Christmas Display Shelf Festive ShelvesAbove is the shelf over my TV (where the Genie Bottles usually are).  The tree dates back to 2013, it has lasted well, but this year I needed to replace the lights on it, as they finally gave up the ghost.
Domed Robin ornamentThe robin ornament came from the £1 table in The Georgian House (Evesham), well, with my address it would have been rude not to buy it.  I also love a dome, this one came from TX Maxx for about £7, it’s just perfect, and makes a pretty naff ornament look almost tasteful!
Festive Display shelfThe snowman with the stars came from The Range and lights up, the SNOW ornament from B & M Bargains, the large red glass bauble from Poundland and the large silver based and glass candle/tealight holder from Sue Ryder (Evesham) for £3, it just needs the white candle replacing with a red one.
Christmas display shelfThis next shelf features my trusty old Tesco Advent House, going back, would you believe to 2010, it’s starting to show it’s age a bit, but then that’s going to part of the charm of it as the years go by.
There’s another snowman (The Range) under another dome, this time from Ikea (£6) as were the two glass boxes,%20set%20of%202.  I only bought a few Christmassy things with me from Wolverhampton that were special, so this year, except for these bits I have had to buy new.
Domed snowmanChristmas House tree decoration
The last shelf is another mixture of what I have found on my travels over the past few weeks, only the M & S Christmas Tree biscuit tin came with me.Festive Christmas Display shelfSo, this year the shelves are done and I am happy with them for this year at least,  however, no doubt, in time, things will get replaced, but what I would really like to do is change the new stuff with older or possibly vintage pieces I might possibly find in charity shops and on e-bay, things with a bit more character.
Festive Shelf Display Christmas OrnamentsI am not sure how successful this aim will be, but you never know what’s out there plus it will give me something definite to look for when I go mooching.
Christmas Shelf Display.