Thursday, 14 March 2013

Poundland - Hanging Decopatch Easter Egg Decorations

When I was staying with Marc we perused the Poundland website together and found these packs of  “decorate your own eggs” ….
Poundland Decorate your own easter eggs…. and I immediately thought of making hanging egg decorations using Decopatch.
Decopatch easter eggHanging Decopatch Easter Egg Decoration
….. so using a little trial and error ….. first I added a loop to thread some cotton through to hang the eggs by, using a gold effect wire  ….
Decopatch Easter Eggs…. and then started the on the therapeutic bit of covering the eggs with the Decopatch Paper. Well,  I thought it would be therapeutic, but with the eggs being small and quite fiddly to handle when sticky, I just got grumpy and very stuck up!!!!!  I added a little HunkyDory Diamond Sparkles Fairie Kisses to the glue for extra sparkle, but unfortunately the effect was rather lack lustre on the hoped for twinkly side
I could varnish the finished eggs but have decided that as they will only be on display, hung from a piece of branch in a pot for a few days and admired from a distance, not close up,  the time and effort involved isn’t really worth it.  However,  I shall be adding a few bows … and perhaps an embellishment or two …. so keep watching this space!