Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fir Cone Christmas Trees

I know these have been done a million, million times before, but I have never done them!!
fir cone Christmas TreesI have had the tiny 3cm tall flower pots in my cupboards for years (and I mean years), they were originally bought for putting Easter eggs in, but I have never, after all these years, found an Easter egg that fit!!!
mini terracotta flower potsThen the other day I noticed lots of fir cones round the bus stop where I stand to come home from work ….. and wondered…….  so I popped a few in my bag to try…….
OMG …….. they fit perfectly …… and you know I am a little anal about crafty things being in proportion ……
fir cone christmas treeSo, I glued the cones and pots together with a glue gun and then proceeded to paint the tips of the cones with white acrylic paint and then, while the paint was still wet gave them each a very liberal dousing of translucent micro glitter from a very huge pot Dianne, my friend in Florida sent me a year or so ago, by the time I finished, I looked like a Christmas tree!
The temptation was to then carry on embellishing with gems, stars and tinsel etc. but I reined myself in by just topping each tree with a simple wooden star outlined with a black fine liner pen …… no over egging of the pudding here!
I think I am going to squirrel these away now and then on 1st December will put one on each of my office colleagues desks to welcome in Advent ………. and another few bits from my humungous crafty stash bite the dust!