Friday, 19 November 2010

Making Gifts Magazine - One of My Projects Is On The Cover!!!!!!!!

I had an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from Sally from Making Gifts Magazine:- It’s an online magazine, so I haven't quite made it too the giddy heights of WH Smith yet, but it's a step in the right direction!  Sally asked if I would like to submit two of my projects for publication.  At first I was reluctant but she is a persistent lady and I relented.  She was interested in my beer mat calendar:-
I would say go and have a look but obviously there is a charge of £1.95 for the issue.……  though if you register on the site you can read the first three editions free:- ….. but I thought that it was a bit of exciting news I would like to share with you.

Jingle Beans Revisited

I made Jingle Bean Jars last Christmas and they were very popular.  I wanted to make them again but didn’t want to repeat the design.
    Jingle beans 9
So this year I have decided to use up some of the many Paperchase jingle bells I have been hoarding for a couple of years.
Jingle Beans 2
The jars are from Poundworld (4 for a £1). They don’t have them very often, which is why I buy in bulk when I see them.  IKEA do an almost identical version called Rajtan which cost £1.99 for 4.
Jingle Beans 3
The red snowflake is made from felt and is also from Paperchase and the red gingham ribbon is from Stampin’ Up but is now discontinued.
I keep meaning to make up a few extra jars to keep aside for unexpected birthdays – with Birthday Beans instead of Jingle Beans written on, but as always there just isn't enough time.

Looking For ……

I think I may have to order something like these from the US but if anyone knows where I could find any little bottles  like this in UK, at reasonable price, could you let me know. I’ve found a few on e-bay but they have horrid plastic stoppers. Ideally I would like them to measure no taller than 3 cms.

Thank you for suggestions so far ...... never thought of using bottles from bead sets!!!! This idea could save me a small fortune!!!!

Lovely, Lovely E-Mail – JLS Card

If it’s not being too “up my own bottom”, I really love getting “Follower Mail” – and look what I found in my “in box” yesterday!  How BRILLIANT is this card?  I really must start upping my game!!!
The e-mail was from Paula and said:-
Hi Helen, Thought I would share with you the card I made for the lady in work, for her grand-daughter.
I was going to use the newspaper template that you kindly emailed to me, but inspired by one of your past blog posts I decided to create the magazine card, more in keeping with her age (13). Her Nan said she is mad on JLS, and the rest came from that. Thanks again ”
I am SO thrilled.  I really do  appreciate every message that people send me and all  their lovely comments and if I can help anyone in anyway  you know I will, if I can xxx ……
Hopefully, after Christmas, I will try and produce a freebie file  for every month ….. I am already working on a series of all the year round  “Hug in A Mug” labels.