Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Santa Matchbox Christmas Tree Decoration

More matchbox Christmas tree decorations today, on which I managed to use up a whole pile of wooden Santa's I had forgotten I’d even got, until I went rummaging in some boxes on the top shelf of my craftroom looking for something completely different!
I have been sitting and putting the matchbox trays together while watching X Factor………
……  and then putting the covers together upstairs, when there is nothing on the tele…………. trying to resist the urge to just try one or two teddies, just to make sure they are not erm…… stale!!!
I am really loving all the possibilities these matchboxes bring …… with ideas for all the year round……
…… and with that in mind I need to keep my eyes open for cheap decorative self adhesive borders, tape and ribbons or dies to cut narrow borders with to decorate the sides, as I am now running low …. though normally I am very much a less is more gal, on these boxes I think the more bling and embellishment the better.