Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Beach Hut Card

This card measures 8 ins x 5ins and is made using blue linen effect card.Beach Huts Card
I’ve had these Paper Bliss stickers for a couple of years now and have never done anything with them, but it must be because it’s nearly holiday time that inspiration has finally struck……
Paper Bliss beach Huts
….. and I do have such a thing about beach huts!

Honesty Is The Best Policy!

I cannot tell a lie …… and have been complemented after past reviews by people who have said that they trust my honesty ……
With that said, I’m always thrilled to be asked to write a review, so when I was asked if I would like to try out a serious bit of kit for my craft room I said yes straightway, especially as it was something I really needed,  but as I accepted the offer I had a little niggle in my head.
Well, it arrived and as I unpacked it the Duke said straight away “That’s not right for you!”  - seeing  a potential problem with fixing it to my desk. But, once set up there was nothing really wrong with it .…. it was me, despite working with it for several days, I just didn’t like it, it didn’t give me what I expected, and being very expensive and free didn’t hold any sway.
…. Then I started to worry … if I didn’t like it, there was no way I could write about it,  so I looked at recent reviews and though other people raved about its attributes, they still didn’t make any difference to how I felt.
I was so disappointed!  I wrote back to the lovely agent, who asked me what the problems were, and all I could say was that I just didn’t like it and therefore I didn’t feel I could recommend it on my blog. They were very gracious, I’m not sure if it’s ever happened before, and now I’m waiting for it to be collected and taken back …. But I have learnt a huge lesson … to think very carefully before accepting any offer and always be up front and say, before, anything is sent out that if I don’t like it I won’t review it ….. and trust that spooky Derek Acorah voice in my head a little bit more!