Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Tut Part 2

 Just a few more bits of Tut today ......
Designer Pin Badges
My Brother In Law is a bit of an artist, so  I have taken three pictures from his website and turned them into this set of badges.
Picture 972 Picture 973
I’ve made my mum two brooches using wooden laser cut embellishments with a broach pin glued on the back.
Dinosaur Fossil Notebook
The “dinosaur fossil” above  was my son Tom’s Christmas Pillow Present.  It was embedded in a piece of “rock” and Tom had to chisel it out, giving him hours minutes of festive fun!  I thought that it could have been easily lost or cast aside in the tidying up after Christmas, so I rescued it,  with the idea of making a Bind It All notebook and using the fossil as an embellishment, making a more lasting reminder of our Christmas night! The fossil kit cost me 25p, the newsagent across the road takes all the free gifts off the magazines and sells them for 30p each or 4 for £1, it’s a little box of treasures and I usually pop in once a week to see what’s new in it.
New years Favor Sweetie Bag Wish Upon A New years Star And finally, I have made everyone New Year sweetie bags using Milky Way Magic Stars
New Years Favor Picture 989
On the front they say, “Wish Upon A New Years Star”
It’s all quite exhausting ….. all this thinking!!