Friday, 25 January 2013

Jewelled Mirror Progress And A Case Of Too Many Projects …. Not Enough Time ….

Agggh …..  my projects seem to be getting bigger, more ambitious and more time consuming.  I have been slowly redecorating the house because, to be honest, it was all looking a little tired. I haven’t done anything flamboyant, just laid down magnolia and white as a base for each room, which has then given me a blank canvas to add my twiddly bits to, but although I am desperate to get a start on my ideas, I know I need to do one thing at a time, and not begin anything new until another project has been finished, but it’s hard to do as I am such a flitterer!! 
Jewelled MirrorsProgress on my matching pair of boudoir mirrors has  temporary drawn to a reluctant stop, mainly because I need some large “signature” pieces of disassembled Primark jewellery to strategically place and then build around with the smaller pieces I already have,
Jewelled Mirror. Upcycled Mirror …. but unfortunately stocks of new pieces haven’t yet hit the shops (what with the January sales etc.) so I will have to wait patiently, but once I get the pieces I need, I don't think the mirrors will take that long to complete.
Jewelled Mirror.I said when I started that I wasn’t planning on making the mirrors identical, well I am afraid it didn’t take me too long to become quite anal about it …. and now, in all probability  the mirrors will be “almost” exactly the same!!!! Deer Head Decopatch.Once the mirrors are done, I have two more projects that Tom bought me for Christmas that I said I fancied having a go at …… Deer Head Decopatch….. namely a Decopatch deer head for the top of my landing ……
Massive CanvasAnd …. this mahoooosive 3ft 3ins x 4ft 10ins canvas, because I said I wanted to have a go at painting!!!!  Whatever possessed me?
I adore Collier Campbell designs after I finding them accidently while searching on Google,  and “thought” it may be something that I could try, inspired by the patterns and vibrant colours, to create a “picture” for my dining room, however the size of the canvas is a little daunting ….. so I may try a smaller canvas first!
…… Well,  I think I have got enough bits for getting on with ….. so watch this space!