Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What I Do With My Stuff

A couple of people have asked what I do with the things I make, well usually I keep them for my own personal use, I get bored once I make about ten of something, my gums begin to itch and I want to move on to the next idea whirling in my head, so what you see in the pictures is usually all I make of a project!  I just make for pleasure and to share, rather than for gain.

This Halloween and Christmas, for the first time in a few years I did put a box of bits and pieces in the staff room, but again, a run of any one item is usually limited to no more than twenty.

Having said that, I am considering, perhaps, having a table at a couple of craft fayres next Christmas and maybe in the summer taking a few of my bits and pieces into touristy type gift shops ……. a bit of a hint there, but more of my future plans in the next month or so …… when things are a little more concrete!!!!!!!!!!!

Mini Pencil Gift Tags

These gift tags measure 3ins x 2ins
Mini pencil gift tags.I wanted to use up a box of mini pencil crayons I originally bought in Paperchase years ago that were now getting on my nerves because they had been in my drawer for sooooooooo too long ….. and I wanted rid of them!!
mini pencil gift tagsSo I took them, a pack of ready made tags, some graph paper, some small alphabet letters, some stars and a glue gun to stick down the pencils ……..
Mini Pencil Gift Tags. Tags with pencils on. Colour me gift tag……. and this is what I came up with!  Another bit of stash hits the dust!!!