Monday, 26 March 2018

Iris Roo’s Bedroom

I didn’t intend to have a post today after spending the weekend with Marc, but I thought I would just share Iris’s bedroom and art work with you, as Monday and Tuesday posts are such an ingrained habit!
Iris is a prolific artist, like so many children of her age and Laura has put little washing lines along two of her bedroom walls to hang Iris’s “works of art” up with little wooden pegs
It’s a display that you just can’t look at without smiling, especially when there is a memory attached to when some of them were drawn.
They are so innocent and drawn entirely from the heart ……and now “words” are beginning to appear in them too ……..
And my very favourite? The one above, because of it’s simplicity, the Big Bad Wolf with a tree in the background. Oh Iris, don’t grow up too soon and where on earth have those first years gone?