Monday, 16 January 2017

New Home Gift Tag

This New Home gift tag is what I came up with using the wooden house element of the Aldi Christmas decoration (below) I showed you the other day.
Wooden House Shaped New Home Gift TagI have to confess that in this instance I used the plain side after I “cocked up” the painted roof side when I used a black fine liner pen to write New Home, it wasn’t centred properly and the black ink didn’t sit well on the painted surface, however I have since covered up my mistakes with a white corrector pen so the tag is now fit to go.
Aldi Wooden Hanging Christmas Decorations.Aldi wooden house Christmas Decoration
First, the brown gingham ribbon had to go!  I faux stitched around all the edges, window and door of the house to add definition and give it the “cute factor”
New Home House Shaped Gift Tag
“New Home” was written using a white gel pen.  To make sure the writing was pretty much centred I wrote it backwards, starting with the W.  I find if you deliberately write unevenly it covers up a myriad of sins, if I tried to write perfectly straight the end result would just look pants.New Home Wooden Gift TagThe wooden ladybirds were already on my desk from another project so it was a fortuitous coincidence that their proportions were just right for this project and the red colour was followed through with red wooden bead on the rustic effect string. The finishing touch was the key, added, to be honest, to make use of the hole, which I had forgotten would be there when I bought the decoration, as all the pieces were linked.
I would use this tag instead, perhaps of giving a card, something to hang up in the early days afer moving.  It would also look good, I think, on a plain red or kraft gift wrapped parcel, tied to a coordinating ribbon.
I have 8 small hearts left from the decorations now, I think I will keep to the idea of using keys in the bottom hole (key to my heart?) and the red beads, whether I use ladybirds (love bugs?) on them remains to be seen …..