Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Las Vegas Scrapbook …….. Fulfilling One Of The Duke’s Dreams

Pawn Stars 1Pawn Stars 2
I am hoping that the pages from my Las Vegas scrapbook/journal will do the talking for this post …… but I am also adding a little of the background history to the story ……..
Pawn Stars 3
One of The Dukes very, very favourite programmes on TV was Pawn Stars, I remember when he first discovered it ….. and the next evening excitedly telling me that he had found this brilliant programme, that I would love. 
After that, whenever it was on, it was our time to stop everything, make a coffee and sit down to watch together.  And then, when we started planning our trip to Las Vegas, visiting the shop and taking something to pawn became one of our dreams, and we would talk about it sooooooo often.
Las Vegas scrapbook
Sadly, The Duke didn’t get to live his dream, but as soon as Lucy’s and my tickets to Las Vegas were bought I was determined that within a few days of our arrival, and before visits to the Grand Canyon etc. I would go to World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop to fulfil that dream for him.
Las Vegas scrapbook.1
However, when I mentioned my plan to the hotel reps. everyone told me that there would be queues round the block, with hours of waiting in the blazing heat without shade and once I got in the chances of meeting anyone from the series was almost nil …….. 
Las Vegas scrapbook. 2
……. but I was determined that NOTHING was going to stop me! I still get emotional thinking about it,  looking at these pages and at the photos
Las Vegas scrapbook. 3
It really was quite a day …… and over the past year or so I have learnt to soak up every single moment from every new experience, so that just thinking about it all now, I can still hear the peoples voices and the whirr of the fan above me,  ….
Las Vegas scrapbook. 4
…….  and feel the cool breeze that it gave, I can still smell the smells, and remember exactly how I felt in my skin  ….. it was a lot to take in ….. but it’s all still there in my heart and my soul, as if it was yesterday.
  In away it was hard to open the door and walk out, leaving the dream behind, knowing that I probably would never return, but that I’d fulfilled a dream for both of us …. but I had a funny sort of spooky feeling that as I left, the Duke was still happy mooching around and said “You go ahead if you want, I’ll catch you up in a bit ….. ” just like he always did……………
I have my pawn ticket, my four dollar bills and the postcard signed for me by “The Old Man” all put very safe.
Pawn Stars 4
….. however in the next couple of weeks I am planning on getting it all put in a deep frame to hang in my re-vamped kitchen, a bitter sweet but happy memory ….. with me punching in the air.
Pawn Stars 5