Monday, 8 February 2010

Lovely Sweetie Packs

Picture 126
This idea would be suitable  for both  Valentines Day and Mother’s Day
Picture 117
I’ve used Twilight mints, using one wrapper to make the template from .  I left the other wrappers on and just put the new wrapper over them, it was less fiddly.
Picture 113
The paper I have used is by Making Memories from the Love Notes range and have stuck the ends down with double sided tape.
Picture 118
I have added a small wooden heart and a clear flat back gem for extra fiddlefart.
Picture 121
The cello bag I have used is very narrow (2ins x 9ins)  and can be found on e-bay as either pretzel or lolly bags. They cost about £1.99 for 50 plus p&p. I always have a good stock of them, as they are brilliant for little sweetie projects like this.

When I made these, I used Twilight Mints leftover from Christmas, but I have a funny feeling that the makers have only recently changed the wrapper to one single plasic wrapper (instead of the foil and paper layers) - but I am not 100% sure - it might be worth double checking, if you can, as it will have an effect on the overall appearance! Bum! I am now on the look out for a substitute mint!