Saturday, 5 May 2012

Quickutz Silhouette Carrier Mats

I thought I might get my very under used Quickutz Silhouette out but realised that the carrier sheets are really past it …. and I just don’t have a clue where to get any new ones from …. has anyone got any ideas …. ??  My machine uses the old type sheets …. the ones with the white coating…. could I use a type new plastic one with it? ….. I am really stumped!
My Silhouette is the one with the blue writing on the lid – Model CC100-20

Diamond Jubilee Crafts –Sweetie Jar

Diamond Jubilee Crafts
Recently I found a great Poundshop in Stourbridge High Street  called Poundbazaar that was selling these sets of four jars in a rack for just £1 (!!!!), so needless to say I bought copiously, because at 25p a jar they are brilliant bargain and a jar of funny sweets always makes a good “emergency” present. I am not sure what to do with the racks yet …. but I might use them in some of my displays at work.
Poundshop sweet jars
I  found a circular Union Jack image and resized it to fit the front, back and top of a jar with a blue lid …. adding a Cuttlebug die cut crown to the sides and a large blue gem to the top.  Then finally filling it with red, white and blue bon bons … nom, nom, nom and simples!
Diamond Jubilee Crafts. sweet jar favour