Friday, 21 December 2018

Charity Shop Shopping With Marc ….. Plus a Couple Of Other Bits and Pieces

As I said yesterday Portobello Road and Notting Hill are not really the stomping ground for the charity shop connoisseur or poundshop aficionado, however Evesham has plenty enough to fill a Saturday afternoon, even for Marc and I.
It seemed as if all the charity shops had put all their Christmas bits and pieces out this weekend when I had been out really looking a few weeks back with little luck.  Marc and I spent a very happy time rifling through the 10p and 20p baskets.  He would fertle first and then I would go through them again, just in case he’d missed something.
We found enough little wooden figures to almost fill my Home Sweet Home “thingy” in the kitchen, it was put together especially for Iris and Bertie. I am sure they will love and be fascinated by it when they come round, it’s making another memory, I hope.
I think our best considered purchase was this copper Arts and Crafts angel for just £2.00.  It has something missing from its hands, but I don’t think it will take long for inspiration to kick in and a substitute found (if it’s really needs it???)  I love it so much that it won’t be packed away after Christmas, it’s definitely going to find a permanent home on my shelves all year round.
These two framed cross stitch pictures are beautifully done and appear to have some age to them judging from the frames and at just 50p each, they also found a home with me, as did Santa, part of Marc’s haul for around 25p I think.
Other little treasures were also found and when we got home spaces on my festive shelves were excitedly filled in with more than the odd flounce and flurry …..
……. and each will hold a very special memory of Marc and my first proper Christmas shopping expedition together.
Oh, I almost forgot, we also found a nativity set, with a few spare animals but minus Baby Jesus for £1.50. Well, we soon made a baby using one of the wooden figures above, wrapped in kitchen roll and placed in a coloured in match box.  It’s now under the Christmas tree awaiting Bertie’s next visit, I think we’re assured of an awe and wonder moment or two.
On Sunday we went up to Crafter Companion up at The Valley just outside Evesham, I have to say we were quite restrained.  I loved these sewing dies, inspired by an example on the shelf, but why on earth didn’t I take a picture of the card as a reference. Lesson learned and thank goodness for a Google search
In Marc’s honour and visit, I also went all vegetarian, I didn’t really miss the meat, but I think I may have tried a little too hard, even for Marc  when it came to our Saturday morning bacon butties …….hmmmmmm.
And finally ……. when we get together Marc and I love watching YouTube films of people going round Poundland/Home Bargains/Primark etc. and then going through their haul ……. I think now Marc has a brand new shiny phone (that’s a whole other story but please don’t ask as we are both still traumatised by our EE experience)  we should invest in a phone stick thing and produce one of our own!!!!!!!! Now that would go viral, but probably for all the wrong reasons ……….