Sunday, 2 April 2017

Halloween Door Wreath

Oh my life, Halloween in April?  Have I finally totally lost the plot, in more ways than one? 
Halloween Door Wreath 8Well, there is method in my madness.  I can’t say my Easter Wreath was the easiest of projects, but I had the other half of the ring left, and if I didn’t use it quickly, it would have just languished in the box under the bed and more likely as not got all damaged and grubby until I chucked it out ……. but I had an inkling of an idea ………
Halloween Door WreathIMG_1956
……. as I had a huge bag of plastic spiders and snakes after making a spider and snake hunt for Iris last Halloween and I swear they have been breeding since then!
Halloween Door Wreath 3Halloween Door Wreath 5a
First I wrapped the ring with wide, purple ribbon, followed by a narrower orange one, and then finally with some spiders web ribbon that I got from Micheals in Las Vegas four years ago, sometimes it just takes a while to finally use those craft bits and pieces that you swooned over years ago!
Halloween Door Wreath 6It was then in the lap of the gods as to how the rest would come together, especially after my experience with the flowers on my Easter wreath, but this simply  made itself.  I started with the spiders, gluing them with a glue gun, followed by the snakes .
Halloween Door Wreath 13Halloween Door Wreath 12
I then used green flat backed gems to add some extra colour, as it looked a bit too orange and purple, plus few gold stars. Seeing that it was turning out pretty well, it gave me the confidence to fiddle fart even more by adding googly eyes to the spiders, giving them more character and tiny flat back gems for the snakes eyes.
Halloween Wreath Door Decoration 11In my haste to get this post done, yes, there are blobs of glue all over the shop, and when its all dry, a few of the glue stick strand can be removed.
Halloween Door Wreath 9aI think it could also take a few larger silver stars to fill some of the large gaps,  but at the moment I can’t remember where on earth I have put them.
Halloween Wreath Decoration 10Halloween Door Wreath 9
…… and then at Halloween (in …. owwwww 6 months time!), I reckon I will be able to wrap a set of small battery operated lights around the wreath, concealing the battery box at the back, to give it an extra spooky look.
Can’t believe I am saying this now …… but I am looking for some more wreath bases as the ideas just keep on coming!