Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My Festive Guest Room 2018

I think you could say that this is suitably over the top ….. but when Iris and Bertie come to stay over the holiday I want to make some lovely memories for them, even if they are of a daft old nanny who always wore a Christmas top and had Christmas bedrooms!
IMG_5989You may remember I had the shelving built in January, to add more storage to a storage bereft flat and well, it would be rude not to dress them up for Christmas …………
I found the duvet set first and then followed the stag/reindeer and Christmas tree theme through, adding a little silver here and there.  The large, silver, star candle holders were a charity shop find for just £1.49 each, but I think they will stay up all year.  And yes, I have changed the bedside lamps just for the month of December, what am I like?
The stag cushion was another poundshop find, I just had to have it, as it was just perfect to finish off the bed.
I’ve dressed my terrarium up again with a lit Santa scene, as there’s nothing like a bit of awe and wonder with noses pressed right up against it!
My bedroom is pretty much the same as it was last year, a low key festive look, all duvet a few fairy lights and red snowflakes……. however I have decided to treat myself to fitted drawers and shelving  units either side of my bed in January, slightly more “decorative” than in the guestroom …… so who knows how it might look next Christmas!!!