Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Easter Sweetie Favour Jars

A bit late I know …….  but these are the little sweetie favour jars I made for Iris to take to school to give her nursery helpers.
Easter Bunny Sweetie Jars
The hexagon (?) jars I have had for ages, which I filled with a mixture of tiny Easter eggs and equally tiny chocolate rabbits that I found in New York.
They really didn’t take that long to make as the rabbit heads and flowers were party confetti from Poundland and just needed gluing on, the bunny tape round the middle of the jars came from Aldi last year and the self adhesive crochet edging from Home Bargains.
Easter Bunny Sweetie Jar
All I had to do was make the tags, using a scalloped edged square punch, with a thread that was tied round the top of the jar.
Easter in a jar  – done and dusted!