Monday, 6 September 2010


On Saturday I was inspired by another blog to display some of my cherished possessions ….. but I was also overwhelmed by generosity, can you imagine how excited I was when the postman asked me to sign for THIS parcel?
Picture 170
Especially when I saw who it was from…….. agggghhhhhh!!
Picture 171
Only Poundland!!!!!  Oh my life!
Picture 173
It was crammed with all manner of treasure.
Picture 175
It was like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!
Picture 176
One of my projects has featured on the Poundland blog,  so they know about my blog, which makes me feel a bit famous ….. but this gift was a lovely and much appreciated surprise!
You know when the Queen gives Warrants to her favourite shops ….. I wonder if I can officially use the Poundland logo as my warrant as – Official Crafter of Poundland Goods!