Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Soooooo Marc

I keep on seeing this sign in Poundland and it always makes me think of Marc! So far I have resisted making a considered purchase mainly because it is a bit on the big side ……. and goodness knows where Marc would put it ….. but if I do see it again ….. hmmmmm, you never know!


And if I did …….. it could do with a bit of fiddle farting ……. all that gold affect needs to be replaced with a ton of gold glitter. I dare say a few flat back gems here and there and a sparkly ribbon with a few jewels to hang it by wouldn’t go amiss either! Hmmmmmm indeed again!

Queen of The Day Frame

However …….. I did buy this picture frame for Marc as a funny fairing gift (£1 from Poundstetcher). I always try to find him something with a crown for Christmas and this is soooooooooo Marc, I can hear him squealing now!  I did wonder about tarting it up with a few gems, but I’m not too sure, perhaps it’s enough as it is, but will let Marc decide for himself.