Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Advent Drawer Wednesday

Two more drawers today, but progress towards another completed Advent Calendar seems to be slow. I am hoping to get it finished for Christmas, but we shall have to see, life with those delicious babies just seems to get in the way, and to be honest, that is the best place to be.
Advent Drawer 1
I am finding that this sort of project is really getting through all the small embellishments I have collected over the  years, but some I’m getting a little bored of seeing.
Advent Drawer 2
It would be an exciting prospect to get to end of another crafty year to find all my embellishment boxes almost empty so that I could start the New Year looking for interesting new bits, especially in the sales. If there is anything left I think I really need to evaluate them all to see if I would actually ever use them and then perhaps pass on to others who would.