Sunday, 26 September 2010

Inspiration …….

Oh my life how cute are these bracelets  ……

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I have seen other bracelets made using dolls/miniature tea sets and have often stood and ummed and ahhed when I have seen sets in Poundland, but have never taken the plunge …… I think I may just have to now ……… I could be so on trend!!!!!


I have also noticed, as I passed on the bus, Wolverhampton has now got a 99p Shop – I wonder if they have a little tea set?

Halloween Haunted House

This Halloween House is a download design from Quickutz Silhouette that I have doodled and embellished.
Halloween Haunted House box 
I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was a gift box, rather than a model.
Halloween Haunted House Box 2 Halloween haunted House Box 4
But I have decided that when I make up another house I will put the sweets inside before I seal it up and complete the roof.
Halloween Haunted House Box 3 Halloween Haunted House Box 5
So the treat is the sweets ……. but the trick is trying to get them out!  I am so wicked!!!
Halloween Haunted House Box 6
I’ve used a tiny silver brad for the door knob and the ghost, bats, spider and pumpkins are left over Poundland 3D stickers from last year.
Halloween Haunted House Box 7
It’s hard to see from the pictures, but the window shutters  do open. I’ve coloured them and the door with black felt pen.
Halloween House
Quickutz Halloween House C00745_18816