Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Have I Finally Lost The Plot? Another Mirror Project And Set of Decopatch Bedside Drawers?

Aghhhhh and hmmmmmmm,  I had a bit of an accident with a candle and the top of one of the sets of drawers that stand each side of my bed ……
….. and I thought that as both sets were already looking decidedly scruffy and bashed I ought to invest in a new pair …… but, OMG, I couldn’t believe how much drawers are, especially when, in all probability, I would also have to find someone to put them together for me!!!  So I got to thinking ……. for £20 I could buy enough Decopatch papers to revamp them, to match the “boudoir” chair I did a while back http://itsallfiddlefart.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/my-decopatch-boudoir-chair.html
decopatch chair
It could be seen as overkill, but I think my “boudoir” is sufficiently quirky enough to get away with it, but I appreciate it is not to everyone’s taste!  I am also being mindful of buying new furniture, as I am hoping to downsize in a couple of years time ….. so I would rather put a “fiddle fart twist” on the bits I already have, rather than have to get rid of stuff that I have only had for a little while because I don’t have the room for them ……  I think I can make this idea work …… so this will be my Whit Week project!!!
stuck 3upcycled retro mirror
I have also started work on this old retro shabby chic mirror I found in a charity shop a while back, http://itsallfiddlefart.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/it-comes-to-him-that-waits.html.  I am not so confident about this idea though, and fear I may have already performed a sacrilegious act,  however, I have gone too far to stop and go back!I have “coloured it in” using Sharpies permanent pens, (what possessed me?????) and then tried distressing it with baby wipes to take away a little of the garish colour …. but then added the colour again!!!  
upcycled retro mirror 1
This is as far as I have got, hmmmmmmm I am not sure!  I have ordered some embellishments to go in the centre of the flowers from e-bay that I have used before on my bejewelled mirrors, which I also plan to “paint up” to match what I have already done and I think I am also going to have a look in Primark to see if I can find any jewellery made up of leaves that I can disassemble and re colour.
upcycled retro mirror 2
The idea is in my head and I am sure there a quite a few of you who now think I have lost the plot completely  …… but hopefully,  when you next see the mirror …. it will look exactly as it does in my head ….. or else be in the bin!!!