Friday, 25 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - Jubilee Pinwheels in Pots

Jubilee Crafts Jubilee Pinwheels
Nothing fancy here today, just a bit of cheap and cheerful Jubilee frippery as we have decided to decorate our office at work to celebrate the Jubilee but on a tight budget ……
Jubilee Crafts Jubilee Pinwheel Pot
…. So one of my colleagues has been consuming vast quantities of Batchelors Pasta Pot Shots in order that I can fill them with union jack pinwheels ……
Jubilee Crafts Jubilee pinwheel.
…. the download of which I found on the website below
I know I could have cut my pinwheels a little better, but it’s only a bit of fun!
Jubilee Crafts Jubilee Pinwheel
Plus this useful Diamond Jubilee pack:-
Batchelors Pasta Pot Shots