Thursday, 9 May 2013

Today ….. Guest Crafter Maisie And Her Wonderful, Wonderful Pink Mirror.

Oh my life ……  someone is trying to make me look like a right amateur ……
….. this gorgeous mirror was made by Maisie who,  can you believe,  is only six!!!  She and her Gran Anita  are followers of FiddleFart …. and this is what Gran Anita  told me via Facebook …….
Picture68Anita : Helen my six year old granddaughter has been collecting bits and pieces since she saw this (*my first boudoir mirror) and wants to start her mirror this weekend. What did you stick the bits on with?
Me: I used E6000 glue Anita's like a very strong bostik
Anita: Thanks Helen. My granddaughter loves to see what you have made. She loves all the sweetie bags etc. and has done some for the school fair and Christmas fair. She always makes all the teachers presents as well.
Me: Say a huge hello from me .... and send me a picture of her mirror and I will make her my guest crafter xxxxx
Anita: She would be thrilled with that Helen. She is very into pink and purple and says that's what she is doing it in.
Anita: “ …… Maisie's mirror that she has made for her bedroom. Done all by herself. Hope you approve Helen. She sat all Saturday whilst we were busy in the garden. She never had as many bits as we thought but had painted it pink so she doesn't mind. She loves it and is really pleased with it.
How can I compete with this sort of talent???? 
Well done Maisie, I know how proud your Gran is of you …..  your mirror is WONDERFUL ….. and very, very special because you made it all on your own ….. and to be honest … it’s better than mine, so I think I had better practice a bit more to get as good as you! …… Lots of Love …. Helen