Sunday, 11 June 2017

Craft Stick Christmas Snowflake Decoration

This idea is/was a bit of an experiment, it isn’t quite right, it needs a little fine tuning but I think other similar ideas will spin from it.
 Craft stick snowflakeCraft stick snowflake 2
I used eight lolly/craft sticks to form the snowflake shape, gluing them together with E600 glue so that there was no risk of them coming apart.
 popsicle stick tree decorationpopsickle stick tree jewelled tree decoration
I used PVA glue to stick a large flat back pearl in the centre and the largish clear gems on the rest of the sticks.
popsickle stick jewelled tree decoration 1Craft stick snowflake 2
Then I got carried away and added smaller iridescent pearls from a strip of stickers on top of the clear gems, I have to say that the pictures don’t do justice to the sparkly effect.
craft stick snowflake 1
On the back I stuck a silver pendent bail to act as a hanger for a thread. IMG_2370IMG_2371
I then decided to colour the back with a silver marker, so it looked more “finished off”.
I want to try this idea again, but using smaller mini craft sticks I bought recently and then decorate them identically on both sides.  I think making a smaller size would fit better between the branches of a Christmas tree and being double sided it would look better from all angles and if the decoration twirled round.