Friday, 27 July 2012

Ringing In A Few Changes ….

I was getting a bit tired of the look of my old pink blog, the text was far too small and the posts seemed stuck in the middle of the page, with acres of space around them  ….. it was time for a change …. Unfortunately some of the old posts are out of kilter and the pictures no longer centred …. but I think I can live with that as they are all in the past! I have a pile of posts already written in the pipeline which will need to be tweaked so that the pictures are not asquiff … so I have made a rod for my own back really, but hey ho ….. we’ll see how it goes!

Posh Jewelled Gift Tags

Jewelled Gift TagsI found this old broken bracelet in one of my craft drawers and thought .... hmmm, wonder what they would look like on a gift tag? Because they were quite heavy I realised that they would need a substantial base .... and then I had an Ulrika moment ……  and thought ….  my old faithful wooden dominos ....!!!
Jewelled Gift Tags..But, would you believe the dominoes were a fraction too wide ? .... Then I got to thinking again  …. what about The Dukes tools in the garage?? .... What I needed was a sander ....
Black and Decker Mouse Sander And …. I only found this baby sander didn’t I .... but, how shall I put it delicately,  it vibrated so hard, it was quite erm  ...vigorous  and I needed a firm hand to steady it!! However, it did the trick and domino fitted perfectly between the bars either side of the bracelet section.
Bejewelled gift tagsI stuck the picture side of the domino down on to some gold card and cut round them. Then all I had to do was glue the jewelled section onto the gold side with E6000 glue, and drill a hole for the gift tag thread.  Done and dusted!  They would look luvvvvverrrly on a parcel wrapped in black paper!.